Orma Pompe: an industry leader since 1995

Founded by Walter Marzocchini and managed along with son Damiano, Orma Pompe stands for experience and expertise in electric pumps, lifting stations, special pumps and liquid transfer.

The technical department in our head office in Grassobbio, province of Bergamo, plans and designs solutions around customer requirements.

We develop and sell PAC MATIC pumping stations that use submersible pumps for the drainage of waste water from sewers, construction sites, industrial processes, etc.

Our machinery is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Professionalism and expertise at your service

disposal of liquid waste electric pumps Bergamo
Over 25 years of experience in design and technical planning around different requirements.

Our products include:

  • Electric pumps
  • Motor pumps
  • Hand pumps
  • Submersible well pumps for drinking water
  • Special pumps for any liquid
  • Hydrogen systems
  • Complete pumping stations and various accessories
  • Clog prevention systems
  • Various types of flood-prevention systems
  • Under the sink food waste disposers

These products are increasingly used in both civil and industrial environments for the disposal of sewage and rainwater harvesting, in compliance with current laws.

If you require any details on pumping stations as well as information and estimates, contact us: we’ll help you choose the right product for your specific requirements.

Our customers include:

- Hotel President (Milan)
- Start hotels and Hotel Michelangelo (Milan)
- Le Torbiere di Timoline Shopping Centre (Brescia)
- Portanuova 2000 Shopping Centre (Pescara)
- Ministry of Justice, Casa Circondariale (Brescia)
- Angera (Varese) municipal sewage treatment plant
- Enel produzione Spa – Vizzola T. (Varese)
- "Torre Antonini" Business Park (Milan)
- Via Dalmazia Shopping Centre (Brescia)
- Navy V.le Italia, 2 (La Spezia)
- San Gerardo Hospital in Monza (Milan)
- The Savoy Royal Residence in Venaria (Turin)
- Hotel NH (Milan) - ex Jolly Hotel
- New GUCCI 2015 Showroom – Via Mecenate, 79 (Milan)
- COIN Mega Store, Galleria del Corso (Milan)  

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Food waste disposer

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